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VISIA Complexion Analysis in Torrance


At Dermatology Group of Southern California, we use Visia skin analysis in Torrance to get a true, multi-dimensional picture of your skin’s condition. The breakthrough VISIA system allows us to capture images of skin surfaces and assess issues, such as sun damage, that are invisible to the naked eye.

VISIA is a computerized system that takes digital photos of the face to analyze wrinkles, textures, pores, and pigmentations. Using the VISIA technology, we can also evaluate porphyrins, evidence of bacteria lodged in pores that can cause acne, and UV spots, which are characteristic of photo-damage, typically from overexposure to the sun.

With VISIA skin analysis in Torrance, we can also compare characteristics of your skin with those of someone of the same sex, age, and ethnicity. This type of in-depth analysis allows us to understand where your skin is damaged and how it may age in the future. We can then use this information to tailor the best skin rejuvenation and skin care programs for your specific complexion. We even give you a printed report with details of your imaging session and recommended treatment options.

VISIA brings the science to skin care, with this multi-spectral portrait of how your skin is doing, both topically and beneath the surface. Because Visia skin analysis in Torrance shows us the problems that aren’t yet visible, it helps us to intervene earlier, with a skin care program and treatments customized to your unique complexion needs.

The exceptional team at Dermatology Group of Southern California has been providing high quality general and cosmetic dermatological services to Southern California for over twenty years. We are committed to maintaining the health of your skin, and to helping it look its best today and in the years to come. To book your appointment for Visia skin analysis in Torrance, please call us at (310) 543-4444 today.

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