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Directed by Dr. Roy Blumenstrauch, Dermatology Group of Southern California, Inc. has been a leading medical and cosmetic dermatology practice for over twenty years. We have been taking care of families for generations. We offer a variety of services related to general skin issues as well as other skin concerns related to aging. Our unique professional team is committed to providing you with excellent dermatology and other skin concerns related to aging so that you look and feel your best today and in the years to come.

We are dedicated to providing you with the very best dermatology care possible. We treat all types of skin problems including acne, precancerous sun spots, skin cancer, rashes, eczema*, hair loss, nail problems, rosacea*, psoriasis and much more. We also offer a comprehensive full body mole check for any suspicious moles and melanoma.

We specialize in diagnosing and treating skin cancers. Skin cancers account for more cancers than all other types of cancer combined. Most occur in cosmetically sensitive areas such as the nose, lips, ears or face. We also offer most advanced type of skin cancer surgery called Mohs micrographic surgery that is very precise in removing the skin cancer with an accuracy that is unmatched. It allows the surgeon to check 100% of the skin margin around the tumor to verify that the cancer is completely removed while allowing for the smallest possible surgical scar.

We also offer advanced solutions for skin concerns related to aging such as wrinkles, sun damaged skin, including max. strength FDA approved Botox, Restylane*,  Juvederm*, Radiesse* and sculptra injections and state of the art laser services for all areas of the body. Our full range of laser options help to remove or improve unwanted hair, spider veins, wrinkles, brown spots, age spots and acne scars. We also have laser and other treatments such as chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, skin resurfacing for rejuvenating your skin and improving your appearance.

*For any procedure and service described on this website, individual results may vary and may not be applicable in all cases.