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Medical Dermatology

Medical Dermatology

What’s the most important thing you should do for your skin? Use sunscreen!

Dermatology has always been about solving problems with the skin and keeping it healthy. Living in a year round sunny climate as we do means we also have plenty of sun-induced skin problems heaped on to the ones that come just from living!

For over 20 years we’ve watched the alarming rise in skin cancer in all age groups. It’s not only “old” people who are suffering from the effects of the sun, but also people in their 20′s and 30′s.

Too much sun ages the skin prematurely. A “healthy” tan is not healthy at all but a sign that your skin is trying to protect itself. DNA is altered, setting in motion the cycles of not just wrinkling and pigmentation but also precancerous skin growths called Actinic Keratosis – along with skin cancer itself.

“Minimizing the effects of sun damage by the use of sunscreen, protective clothing and hats is not a fuddy duddy plan, it’s a smart plan.”

Having your yearly skin cancer screening takes about 20 minutes…that’s 20 minutes that can save your skin and in some cases, save your life. If you’re spending too much time in the sun, we’ll fuss at you. If you have a problem, we’ll fix it. We’re old fashioned and we care. If you’re not a part of our family, come join us.

We’ve been taking care of our patients in the beach area for over two decades. We have patients in diapers and those who are celebrating life into their 90′s. Each and every one deserves the best care and the best solutions possible.

Medical Dermatology

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