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Redondo Beach

Welcome to the Dermatology Group of Southern California in Redondo Beach.  Redondo Beach is one of three beach cities within the Los Angeles County and is home to a vibrant and diverse community of folk attracted to the area by the beach lifestyle, plenty of sunshine and fresh air.  Unfortunately however plenty of sunshine can lead to plenty of skin problems like skin cancer and melanomas if you’re not extremely careful about looking after your skin whilst out in all that beautiful fresh air and sunshine.  Appropriate skin care in these sunny parts of the world includes slopping appropriate strength sunscreen onto exposed skin, slapping on a hat and slipping into clothing that protects as much of your skin as possible.

Special Skin Care For Sun Lovers

A major sun related skin problem is sun spots (solar keratoses or actinic keratoses).  Very common in countries like Australia and here in the southern states of America where the population is predominantly fair skinned, sun spots occur when people spend a lot of time outdoors without protection.  They are premalignant skin lesions, which means they could turn into skin cancer at any time even though the sun exposure that caused them may have occurred years earlier.  Sunspots also often develop years after the damaging solar exposure occurred.  In appearance sun spots are flat, scaly, often red looking ‘patches’ or spots on sun exposed skin like the face, lower arms, legs etc.  Most people usually have more than one.

If you’re at all concerned about your sun spots, melanomas, moles or sun damaged skin, the Dermatology Group of Southern California, Inc specialises in diagnosing and treating skin cancers so please don’t hesitate to call us and schedule an appointment to have these checked.

Tips For Anti-Aging Skin Care

Sun damaged skin also does not age gracefully, particularly on the face, which gets a lot more exposure than other parts of the body.  Broken capillaries, redness and roughness are amongst the primary indications of prior excessive sun exposure but LED, IPL and laser skin treatments can reduce these by stimulating collagen production in the skin, targeting excess melanin and balancing  out skin pigment to produce a more even skin tone.

Avoiding Skin Cancer And Other Sun Damage In Redondo Beach

Although many of the leisure activities in Redondo Beach revolve around sun, surf and the open air thanks to the mild Mediterranean style climate – surfing and beach volleyball are both very popular activities here – there are still many other things to do that don’t involve exposing your skin to excessive amounts of solar radiation.  If you love volleyball, one of Southern California’s premier indoor recreational volleyball leagues, the Redondo Recreation Indoor Men’s Volleyball League, is based in Redondo Beach.

Cultural and entertainment options include the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Centre, ranked amongst the top cultural facilities in the region and the home base of the Los Angeles Ballet.  You can also wander through South Redondo’s Riviera Village, Pier Complex, Harbour and Marina venues where you’ll find a games arcade, boutiques selling everything from fashion to beach based gift products, restaurants and ethnic eateries, wine tasting galleries, a bar with around 100 beers available on tap and various other dining and shopping facilities.

For more information about how the Dermatology Group of Southern California can help you protect your skin please contact us on (310) 543-4444 or via our website.

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